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Present - Ring Tailed Lemur in Madagascar Tropical Forest The lemur has a small body, with a long tail that helps it jump from tree to tree. It had short front legs and long hind legs for jumping along with long toes that help it grip the branches. The lemur has orange eyes. It has long toes that allow it to grip branches of trees. Lemur is an omnivore animal. To protect itself from predators, it hides behind trees and jumps tree to tree as well as camouflages. Future – Short Tailed Lemur in Savannah Plains (large, flat area covered with grass) To adapt to the conditions with minimal trees, the lemur grows stronger same-sized legs with hard paws helping them to run fast to catch food. They will have good eyesight like owl as well as long ears that help protect from danger of predators. The tail will become smaller.