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The Parrot is a beautiful little bird and is very versatile. Parrots now have a rounded beak, light feathers, and skinny legs. Drastic climate changes might make Parrots change in certain ways to keep living. 1. If the world gets colder, Parrots need to have thicker feathers. 2.Their beak should change so that it is sharper and pointed for two reasons. - The Insects they eat get deep inside trees, so Parrots can’t reach in with their rounded beak. - If the weather gets colder then Parrots will need a new place to call home so if they make homes in the trees they will need a sharper beak to pry into the trees and carve out small homes in them. 3.Their legs get some coating of feathers it will help keep them warm too. So the future Parrot is a mix of a Woodpecker and an Owl.