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The emperor scorpion, Pandinus imperator, is part of the arachnid phylum and is native to West African rainforests. Emperor scorpions have a two-segmented body of an abdomen and cephalothorax. Currently, they only have sensilla covering their pincers and metasoma. In the future, sensilla will cover their entire exoskeleton because trees will grow scattered apart, exposing predators and prey on the ground. Oceans will ascend and turn soil into mud; forests into marshlands. Emperor scorpions will develop suctions on their tarsi since the ground will no longer be a safe home. After a few centuries, they will gradually sprout wings from their thorax, defying the rules of arachnids. However, in desperate times of climate change, emperor scorpions will need to adjust and learn to fly because oceans will rise at least thirty feet above their current state. Overall, all creatures will be forced to adapt to the consequences of global warming.