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The squirrel monkey is an animal that lives high in the trees of South America. They are small and stay within the canopy to protect themselves from falcons, a natural threat to them. Squirrel monkeys are omnivores. They travel in herds and rely on their powerful hands to travel through the trees, using their long tail to help them balance. Due to global warming, deforestation, and forest fires the rainforest's trees are depleted, affecting their habitat. The rainforest will be transformed into a dry savanna 1000 years for now. As a result of this, the squirrel monkey will have new structural and behavioral adaptations including stronger and more durable legs for support while walking on the drylands, padded hands to withstand the land conditions, and a bigger physique to protect itself from predators. These adaptations will help the squirrel monkey survive in the new habitat 1000 years from now.