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The evolved tapir is an amazing creature of pig-like appearance living in the coastal rainforest of South America. Have you ever wondered what they could look like in the future? As temperatures increase, large ears could lower their body temperature. Their legs could shorten and hoofs could mold into spade shaped claws, so they could dig to cooler temperatures underground. To hide their scent from predators, Tapir species will defecate in water. If water grows scarce, they could eliminate underground. With people and animals cohabiting due to population growth, diseases could be spread. Manes and tails could deflect insects. Camouflage and horns could protect tapirs from their predators. Their size could decrease and hide could turn tan and harden into scaled armor. A single curved horn could form on their snout. Scientists have proven tapirs evolved greatly over time. Future adaptations could help tapirs survive modern threats.