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Dusky Bush Babies live in the tropical rainforests of Central Africa. They get their name from their vocal calls that sound like a crying baby . These arboreal animals eat fruits, leaves, insects & tree saps and nest in thick vegetation or tree hollows. In the next 1000 years, temperatures might increase by 2.31°C causing more wildfires, burning the homes of the Bush Babies. Rainforests could become mixed woodlands and adapting to loss of habitat due to deforestation & climate change, Galagos will have thinner fur. They will have small patagiums to quickly glide from a wildfire. They will also have a layer of skin that can lock water to cool themselves in a fire/hotter weather. They will have stronger & longer legs to get more of a push off the tree and move faster. They will grow fluffier and bushier tails for stabilizing flight and helping them land.