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Presently, squirrel monkeys like to live in tropical rainforests. They live in South America, and are omnivores. They especially like to eat insects and fruit. Squirrel monkeys live in groups called “troops”. These “troops” can have up to 500 monkeys, but they usually have 40-50 members. Their predators include snakes, birds of prey and wildcats. Squirrel monkeys are diurnal, and eat, play, and hunt during the day. Due to climate change, the tropical rainforests could get very hot. Luckily for the squirrel monkeys, one of their many adaptations is that they can adapt to live in any type of forest. So one of the adaptations they would need to make is to spend less time in trees and more time on the ground, with the leafy canopy. Since squirrel monkeys spend 99% of their time in trees, this could be a hard adaptation for them to make.