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Okapis live throughout the tropical forest of Ituri, feeding on fruits, clay, and shrubbery. They posses giraffe-like anatomy, though strongly appear to be a horse breed. Thick, oily, dark brown fur that keeps them dry is striped white on the rear for camouflage. A long, dark tongue for tougher vegetation is also a noticeable trait. Okapis are non-social animals, and their general defence is kicking.

Seven thousand years from now, Ituri will likely be savanna due to climate change. This will almost definitely cause a difference in natural selection and adaptation. Okapis will probably have shorter, less oily hides due to the temperature increase. Less prominent stripes and lighter fur to camouflage are also probable. Stronger, larger leg muscles may form to fight and run from lions. They may become a social species due to stronger predators and the need to protect their young, evolving into a new phenotype.