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Hey! Toucans are birds. They live in tropical forests now. But over time, due to global warming, the forest will be a desert. Here are some of the adaptations of toucans for the desert life.
Toucans today have small, beady eyes for protection. In future, it’ll have sharper and bigger eyes to spot their prey in the sand.
The future toucan will have a narrower beak to catch insects since it will lose its habit of eating fruits because of the habitat.
Instead of tropical trees,their nests are in cactuses of desert. They will have longer feet and sharper claws to take the prickles off and dig into sand.
Lots of owls live in the desert who prey on toucan. The toucans will have a bigger brain to escape.
They’ll have sparse feathers to cool off, and they’ll be brown for camouflage.