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Following recent trends of climate change, the tropical rainforest will undergo various changes such as deforestation, rising temperatures, and a shortage in water supply. My interpretation of the Hoatzin’s possible adaptations are that the Hoatzin will create thicker claws, and a longer beak in order to dig underground, instead of nesting in trees. Not to mention, due to the lack of rainfall, fruits and plants will also become uncommon. Hence, the Hoatzin will grow teeth to support a more carnivorous diet of feeding on live prey. Today, the Hoatzin hides from predators like large eagles by going underwater. However, in the future, these marshes and rivers that the Hoatzin depends on for protection will dry up. As a result, the Hoatzin will adapt by camouflaging and molting(shedding and growing new, colored feathers) to hide. These adaptations will be the Hoatzin’s solution to climate change in a tropical rainforest.