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Parrots are most often known for their bright flamboyant feathers and their unique ability to communicate with other animals along humans. Parrots are members of the order Psittaciforms. Most parrots live in jungle habitats throughout South America. Parrots are omnivores meaning they feed on vegetables and meat. Over the years, climate change and human interference has greatly affected these birds habitat. Climate change has caused series of forest/jungle fires throughout the world. The fire will rip throughout the jungle devastating the parrots habitat and create more competition to get food. In the future do to climate change and deforestation, the parrot will most likely have a darker tint to their feathers letting them camouflage into the background fending them from predators. Longer wingspan to allow them to fly more smoothly and faster. And longer beams and talons to help them seize their prey more efficiently.