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The hedgehog’s habitat will turn into mixed woodlands and the hedgehog will adapt to this by making tunnels underground. It’s home will be underground, as well. It will need to start digging like a mole. The hedgehog has quills on its back to make it look tough. The hedgehog will roll into a ball and if the predator tries to touch it then it will get pricked. The hedgehog will not need to change its diet because it eats beetles, earwigs, caterpillars, earthworms, slugs, and millipedes. The hedgehog’s legs will get longer because it will gain more muscle. The hedgehog will also learn how to roll around. The hedgehogs will also build underground tunnels to get around so that there is a smaller chance they get eaten. The hedgehog will change the color of its quills by rolling around in the mud so they camouflage with the ground.