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Tarsiers live in the rainforest. They live on branches, alone and eat insects. But the environment is changing. Trees are cut down which sends animals from trees to the surface. Ice is melting, causing owls(the Tarsier’s predator) living there to somewhere else. Maybe even the rainforest. To camouflage, the Tarsier would develop browner fur. Tarsiers can also communicate with a high frequency pitch, making it harder for predators to hear them. But to communicate long distances they would need larger ears. And due to urbanization, trees are cut down. In the future, the trees won’t provide protection for animals. Tarsier's would have to move to the ground where most animals will go to and live. To stay unnoticed, the species would have to live in packs underground where bugs and insects can be found. They would acquire longer nails and stronger fingers in order to dig these burrows.