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The animals that are getting fused together are the sugar glider (which is the original I drew) and bonnethead shark. The species name: sugarhead. The rainforests were flooded and became a part of the ocean, so the sugar gliders had to adapt and became the sugarhead. The sugarhead has a head that somewhat resembles a shovel. It has back legs like fins which are very good for swimming. Its front legs can catch prey that bonnethead sharks wouldn’t have been able to. It’s tail fin is very strong. Sugarheads can jump out of the water and glide, just like a sugar glider, for about 50 meters. They eat crustaceans, but they also eat clams, octopi, and small fish. The sugarhead has small sharp teeth in the front of the jaw for grasping either its mate or a soft-bodied prey, and flat, broad molars in the back for crushing hard-shelled prey.