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Poison Dart Frog are an amphibian bright colored toxic frog that is 1 inch in size, has a carnivore diet, and has the average lifespan of 3 to 15 year and lives in South America and tropical central. Dart frogs are mostly found in tropical rainforests and subtropical habitats. Their Bright colored skin that is associated with high toxicity to warn predators. The dart frog’s diet consists mostly of ants and termites. Poison Dart Frog 2.O would live in marshland where it would most likely have the most moisture. They would live in the trees and they would adapt to swimming in water. They would snake on insects such as mosquitoes, butterflies, grasshoppers and dragonflies. They would grow bigger and eat fish and eat the fish’s eggs. They would still have their bright skin color and would remain poisonous to its predators. It would grow up to 1 foot.