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My animal was previously a Toucan and now it is a Toucan and a Poison Dart Frog and lives in Savannah now. How it changed over all of those years is that all of the rain in the rainforest started to not rain all the way down to the rain forest grounds anymore. So the Poison Dart Frog couldn’t be moist as well anymore and so it forged with the Toucan so it can reach the rain more up in the sky. So now the Toucan has poisonous skin and can fly. But unfortunately all the water in the rainforest now has no more rain now so they had to go to the savannahs for water on the ground for the Poison Dart Frog. Now they catch insects with the Toucan beak and poison any enemies that could get in their way. (The forge name is The Poison Dart Froucan)