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Snow Jaguar I chose a black jaguar. Fierce, and beautiful. Jaguars live in the rain forest. But, what would happen if their environment changed dramatically? Well, here is what would happen to them. My creature is now the Ice Jaguar. It lives in the tundra. She would have shorter legs, larger bodies and thick fat. She would have a coat that changes with the seasons. It will be black with tawny rosettes in the summer, and white with tawny rosettes in the winter. Will have a smaller tail to preserve body heat. She will have larger paws, with fur in between each toe. The toes will have large, thick retractable claws to grip ice. She will still use her paws to kill animals, large and small. She will sneak up on her prey. She will live in caves with her mate. The territories will be adjusted depending on prey abundance.