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My animal started like a margay. A margay lives in the rainforest. They can grow up to 5cm tall from their toes and can weigh up to 5kgs. That's why they confuse them with domestic cats. They eat birds, bird eggs, small mammals, reptiles, and fruits. They are really agile; they can easily maneuver branches even the branches that rotate 180 degrees. A margay sleeps on trees. Now my margay is involved and now it lives in the mixed woodlands. He is bigger now, about the size of a wolf. Now he eats foxes, deers, rabbits, birds, fish, and squirrels. He still has the marks but he has pointy ears and he doesn't have whiskers. My margay loves to run but he lives near the rivers because he loves to swim there. His favorite type of animal is the fish and his favorite type of fish is the pink salmon.