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The speed of a Jaguar is about 50 to 55 mph, their weight fuller grown is between 120-210 pound. Their height is 2.1-2.5 ft and their lifespan is 12-15 years. They are carnivorous. They eat things such as deer, fish, birds, and monkeys. They are getting close to being endangered. There are only 15,0000 left in the world. The Jaguar’s fur helps it to blend in with the leaves and the grass along with its size are its best adaptations for survival. The humans are ruining their environment. If their environment changes in 500 years it could be snowy and cold meaning the prey the Jaguar eats will no longer exist. To stay alive in the new environment he will need more fur on his body and will eat more plants. He will need different teeth to eat plants. His body is going to be smaller.