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African elephants, the largest living land mammal, live in the rainforests of Africa. The most recognizable feature of the elephant is its trunk, which is used to draw water up into its mouth. With elephants being so large, they need hundreds of liters of water daily to stay hydrated! Over recent decades, there’s been evidence of a drying trend in African rainforests. Africa’s rainforests have only enough rainfall to be viable. If conditions get much drier, rainforests could eventually be replaced by grasslands. Over time, the elephants in the future will 1) Decrease in size and lose weight. 2) Their skin color will be darkened with lots of wrinkles. 3) They will develop weaker and skinner legs as they become more inactive due to dehydration. 4) Their signature trunks will be longer and thinner since it will take more efforts to draw water up to their mouth due to shortage