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Tarantulas eat cricket and grasshopper and mice roaches. They mostly live in northern south america. The area is grassland and desert. Their predators are foxes snakes and coyotes. He has venmone for if he get acctact in dry grassland. spider lay 2000 egg it also have 40 kinds of tarantula. Tarantula have hair so protect them from predators. The hairs scratch their predators. and it also have 8 legs tarantula sleep in webs. Each leg is for crawling. t they have 8 eyes but bad vision. and it will have bigger fangs and more fangs. it can a wings. and the rain forest will have less tree they will have more fur and new kinds of tarantulas and more predators.they can have bigger mouth and more to eat and have bigger webs and tailer and can fly with there wings and come in more seasons and live longer. and