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Scarlet macaws lived in the rainforest, feasting on nuts, berries, fruit, flowers, leaves, plant stems, and insects that they would crush with their beaks. The sun would shine on their bright red, yellow, green and blue feathers. Then featherless creatures with five claws on each talon and two eyes on the front of their face changed the lives of the Macaws and the other rainforest inhabitants forever. It is thousands of years later now. That once-rainforest is now a woodland. Macaws consume relatively the same things, but fruits, berries and juicy plants are no longer. A thick coat of feathers protects them in the harsh winters and is shed in the summer. Oak trees and pine trees make for good perches and caves provide good shelter. Their brown, black, and grey feathers help them camouflage and hide from predators. Macaws have changed a lot, but they survived and made it.