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Black caiman My animal is the Black caiman.They have squatty bodys,long and strong tails.They also have short legs. The Black caiman lives in the Amazon river basin.The environment can be a marsh,swamps,creeks,ponds,slow flowing rivers.It feels like water,and it is wet.The black caiman is more aquitc than teristal, it can live on land .But it prefers water. The Black caiman´s habitat would change if the forest burned down or if we cut down the rainforest. It would have to move somewhere else,It would have to adapt.If the Black caimans habitat gets messed up it might need a more slender mouth and webbed feet so it is better adapted for swimming and eating fish.The Black caiman´s status is Conversation Dependent.(It means that they are trying to protect it from going extinct).Its new habitat is more water.