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My project is how a jaguar adapted to life after global warming. My first picture represents how jaguars live currently. They live in rainforests on the ground. Trees provide shade for all the jaguars in the rainforest, so they don’t overheat. They also help make a habitat and are a food source for jaguars. If global warming happens most of the food jaguars eat may die. Because of global warming scientists say there will be less rain, so trees can’t grow. Rainforests are going to turn into grasslands. My second picture shows a jaguar in a grassland beside a rock. The jaguar adapted to his environment by finding shade and shelter (the rock). Since most of the food jaguars eat may die, the jaguar can grow his claws, so he can find bugs or roots to eat. In conclusion jaguars adapt to global warming by finding shelter, food, and shade.