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Ocelots are amazing creatures, & live all over the American continent. They are one of the few cats that swim for some of their prey; this makes it easier for them to adapt if the rainforests flood. If this does happen they may develop features & behaviors as the sea otters. The present ocelots eat a variety of animals including small rodents, rabbits, deer & iguanas. Since ocelots can swim & climb, they also eat fish & birds. If rainforests flood, they might change their diet to seafood. If the rainforest turns into a fresh-water sea or giant lake. We believe ocelots may develop sea-otter-like features, some being clear salt-water-proof eyelids & dense fur that traps air, making them buoyant. In conclusion, over time it is possible that the coastal rainforests may flood due to rising sea levels. This makes a possibility that future ocelots may be like sea otters.