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The year is 4021, and climate change has transformed our planet. Rain is scarce, and many animals are extinct because of climate change. However, Jaguars, among other species, have adapted to the changes. The rainforest it used to live in has become a savanna, so its fur has faded to camouflage with the landscape, and its spots aren’t as bright as before. The jaguar's diet and foraging techniques have changed too. It has turned into an omnivore, so it can absorb moisture through vegetation, when water is scarce. Because it can’t stalk its prey as well as before, jaguars have developed longer limbs, to chase their prey. They’ve adapted to the heat too; their fur has gotten thinner, to cool off. Jaguars also dig underground chambers, to escape the heat during the day. These are some ways jaguars have adapted to the challenges caused by climate change.