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Adélie penguins living on the Antarctic ice have thick skin/feathers to keep them warm in the freezing temperatures, black/white feathers to camouflage from predators, and supraorbital glands to stop excess salt from entering their systems underwater. Unfortunately, climate change has increased temperatures and raised sea levels, causing icebergs to melt. Hence, I predict Adélie penguins will need to adapt to their underwater life. They will develop stronger/larger webbed feet to swim faster and walk on islands (created by volcanic activity), develop larger fins to swim more efficiently/faster, store energy in their blood/muscles to stay underwater for longer, and have blueish feathers to camouflage in the water. The World Wildlife Fund states that ⅓ or more of the remaining glaciers will melt by 2100, meaning penguins have around 300 more years until their predicted habitat becomes reality. This remaining time will allow them to evolve, increasing their survival chances.