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Panther chameleons are currently (usually) vibrant colors. Their natural habitat is the tropical rainforest parts of Madagascar. They eat insects. But in the future, because of deforestation and global warming, they'll live in grasslands, so they'll be lighter colors because 1.) for camouflage, and 2.) to cool down, because lighter colors absorb less light, which gets converted to heat. They'll also have beak-like mouths, so that they can root around in the ground for insects. Their tongues will be smaller, because they won't be needed to catch food. Their "beaks" will also function as defense. They’ll be slightly smaller and need less water. Currently, chameleons sway as they move to mimic the trees swaying. In the future, They'll live in nests on the ground made of grass, so they'll stop swaying, and be able to move faster to avoid predators.