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The jaguar lives in the Amazon rainforest and other rainforests in South and Central America. The jaguar has adapted to its environment, so it's good at swimming, has spots for camouflage, a tail for balance while running, strong legs to run fast, sharp teeth to eat, and are good climbers. 1,000,000 years later. The world has changed. Because of global warming rainforests will likely flood a lot; the trees will burn then get put out by water. In order to survive the jaguar will adapt. Its skin will become waterproof; it will be able to smell fire for protection; its feet can change between being webbed and having extra sharp claws; their skin color will be green with light green spots; it will have long body's with gills, whiskers, and will eat everything. The babies will also stand on two legs for protection. It's name will be Jature.