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Jaguars are known as fierce predators, but if they cannot adapt in time, they may cease to exist. Deforestation is a rising issue in forests around the world. Because of this, the amount of a jaguar’s terrestrial prey will begin to diminish. Over time the jaguar will need to adapt and have webbed paws. These webbed paws will allow the jaguar to enhance its swimming ability, for more access to aquatic prey. Enlarged eyes will be necessary for increased night vision, allowing jaguars to become solely nocturnal. This will allow jaguars to hide during the day from the ever-growing amount of poachers. Their rosettes will fade and disappear so as for better camouflage in the now savannas, that were once forests. Lastly, the jaguar will need to become a smaller vertebrate, which will allow for quicker swimming and running, and the ability to hide more efficiently from predators.