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Capuchin monkeys mainly occupy tropical rainforests as well as savannah forests, and mangroves. These monkeys are thought to be some of the most intelligent primates in the Monkey World. Although Capuchin monkeys are currently living in the rainforests, climate change may soon change that. With temperatures rising, rainforests will soon die out, that’s because there’s less rain to keep the forests, and food alive. Capuchin monkeys would have to learn to adapt to much drier conditions. Instead of eating juicy fruits, they might have to eat small birds and insects. They would probably have shorter fur (if any) and their bodies would adapt to become more water-efficient. Caves would serve as a water source and would make good shelter (caves can keep cool even in the heat). I predict that Capuchin monkeys will be extinct by 2035, but if they could survive I think this is how they would adapt.