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Okapi, known as the forest giraffe. The Okapi looks like a mix of a Zebra and a Deer, but the Okapi’s only living relatives are giraffes. The Okapi is local to the Ituri Rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Climate in the habitat of an Okapi is around 88° Fahrenheit, this temperature is caused by the elevation of the forest. The okapi survives on a plant-based diet that contains all different vegetation. The Okapi has a thick velvet layer underneath and a water-resistant oily coat on top. Because of climate change, the okapi will have to adapt by eating meat instead of plants because the plants will start dying due to the drought, the okapi will need a thinner coat because heat is increasing daily and it will also need to resort to finding moisture in plants and dirt. The okapi’s way of life is endangered.