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Capybaras are a semi-aquatic rodent and the biggest rodent in the world. If they want to survive, they must adapt and evolve. Given the current climate change situation and rising sea levels due to global warming, the rainforests will flood. The Capybaras, over thousands of years, would have to gain fully webbed feet to swim well. A more streamlined body, with at least double the fur to stay warm and have mobility. They would need beaver-like tails. The biggest issue is clearly swimming, so a more beaver-like or other aquatic mammal body would work well. They would need a better sense of hearing, smell, and sight. They would have to live in herds as they do now. They would need to learn to eat aquatic plants like kelp and seaweed, or any aquatic plant that is edible. With these adaptations, the capybaras stand a chance.