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Red-eyed tree frogs are very important to an average rainforest ecosystem. In fact, the Red-eyed tree frog prevents overpopulation amongst insects in a rainforest. Today, a Red-eyed tree frog lives in the canopy part of the rainforest. In around 1,000 years or so, it’s possible that a rainforest will be entirely or mostly underwater. This means that the Red-eyed tree frog could possibly adapt to be more of a fish-like creature. This also means that insects are now free to roam and overpopulate because of frogs now eating fish or other water creatures. Facts: - Red-eyed tree frogs are often mascots for “Save the Rainforest” agencies - Red-eyed tree frogs are able to effectively camouflage themselves to an extent - The predators of a Red-eyed tree frog are often Snakes, Bats, Birds, Owls, Tarantulas, and small Alligators. - Red-eyed tree frogs can jump 20 times their body length