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Jaguars have amazing features, such as their tail that helps them balance on jumps so they don´t fall over. They can be hard to see because they have camouflage. They usually use one bite to kill their prey for food. Jaguars live in rges, thi They will have gills to help them breathe in the water. I believe these animals will adapt to their new environment very easily and quickly.ck tropical forests, and swamps They have incredibly strong jaws to bite down on bones and meat. Female Jaguars body weight can go from 126lb-249lb. Male jaguars body weight can go up to 57kg-113kg. In the future animals will have to change. I believe that they will have to be able to swim when the ocean rises. I predict that jaguars will have webbed feet. ALso I think they will have fins on their tail to propel them through the water.an