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Now Leopard They Live in savanna and rainforest. They hunt crocodiles,Proboscis monkeys, and long tailed macaques. They stay in trees to stay safe. They don’t migrate or change. 11-25kg. Body length 69-108cm. Litter size 1-2 cubs. Tail length 61-91cm. The special patterned spots all over its body. Their spots sometimes change as they get older. In a litter comes 1-2 cubs they stay with their mother for 2 years. Future Lepis They might live in tall grasses and dens. For shelter they might dig a den like foxes. They might migrate to a colder place in the summer if it gets too hot. They might weigh in between 7-21kg with not enough prey. That might lose spots to blend in. Their spots might get smaller. The cubs might have to stay with their mother longer. They might have padding on their feet in case of debris.