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The now: Habit: The Emerald Tree Boa lives in the lush South America rainforest in the trees. Diet: The Emerald Tree Boa kills and eats its food (small mammals, invertebrates and birds.) by wrapping around it’s victim and then squeezing it. Appearance: 6 feet long with green and white scales. Special features: The Emerald Tree Boa is camouflaged with the background of leaves. And has heat pits to see warm blooded prey. The future: Habit: Less dense savanna in South America Diet: The Takeover Boa(It’s new name) kills its prey(Small mammals)with it’s sharp fangs. Appearance: 4 feet long because of less food, brownish-greenish-yellowish scales. Special features: Camouflaged coloring and extremely reliable heat pits to find well-hidd