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The golden poison dart frog lives in the Amazon rainforest. Its skin is lethally toxic. It eats insects. A Golden poison dart frog gets their poison from poison ants they eat. It lives to about 6-10 years. Its shelter is the moist, muggy, hilly, rainforest. It is 55mm in size and is an amphibian. It has moist skin and there are disks on their toes for climbing. It has only 1 predator which is the leimadophis epinephelus, which has developed a way to stand the poison of poison dart frogs. The poison dart frog lays its eggs then it moves it to a pond. In the future I think the Golden poison dart frog will move back into the water growing back fins and gills. I think it's diet is going to be small fish, snails, and bugs. Its shelter is going to be small holes in the water.