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Habitat:south America .heat:84.f. Diet:eats arboreal small animals.grabs them by hanging from a branch. Live in the trees. Lifespan:15 years If it gets hotter,trees won’t grow,and then the emerald tree boa will not be able to find shelter. If it gets hotter,animals will go away,and he will have to change it There would be less trees and more predators. Height:1.5kg length:4-6ft.If it got hotter,they would probably have to lose weight too adjust to the heat. Line on the back of it.yellow underbelly.smallish teeth,hard bite.if it got hotter, they could have to change colors to adjust to the heat. They turn from orange to red to green to emerald green When born,baby’s are born to this length:12.in.the eggs could not hatch because of the,climate change of heat.