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Title animal: sloth Sloths do NOT migrate. Their diet is leafs,twigs,and buds They live in the canopy They live in central and South America Size: 2.5 feet weight: 9-17lb Looks:long limbs curved claws brown fur Curved claws They have curved claws that help them hang upside down They have brown fur that helps them camouflage in the forest They have long limbs that help them hang from trees Like most other mammals sloths do not care for their young Sloths sleep for most their life and rarely come down from the trees. Future: sloth Size 3 feet Weight: 10 - 19 Looks: long limbs long curved claws Color: tan-dark brown Long limbs Tan - dark brown Long curved claws Good eye sight Temp is probably going to be 100 every day They eat bugs, cactus, and twigs They live underground They will probably go through a diet change