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Present: Javan rhinos are found in Indonesia. They feed on shoots, twigs, young and fallen fruit. Their shelter is a mud puddle or shady trees .They are 2.3 pounds, They are also 4m long. at 1.7 m tall, their horns are 25 cm long and they can float well. and the general features, they are barely seen, only their nostrils are sticking out the water. The mom makes a baby in about 15 to 16 months. In the future: Small pygmy rhinos live in the middle of Indonesia because they want higher land because the rainforest is underwater. They eat fallen fruits. And broken twigs. Their shelter is rocks because trees are harder to find. Or muddy puddles. They can’t eat canopy animals. They make many fewer baby’s. They weigh less,mostly white longer tail and are small.