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Macaws are omnivores. They eat nuts and seeds and fruits. They live in the emergent layer in the amazon. They weigh 11.8 to 39.5 pounds. They are often green, red and blue. They have long beaks to crack nuts. They have dry scaly tongues to scrape fruits. They have gripping toes to latch onto branches and examine objects. They are in their egg for 1 month. They fly out of their nest 3 years after birth,reach maturity between 3-6 years after hatching and find a mate,and live between 30-35. I predict that they will be called a macawian. They will eat seeds and nuts.They live in the wetlands and make hidden nests on the ground. They are 5.2-11.8 inches,weigh 3.2-10.3 pounds,and are green or brown for camouflage. They leave their nest after 3-4 years and live 30-40 years.