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My animal is a Green Anaconda it lives in the north regions of South America.In the future I think the rainforest will turn into the desert.Right now they eat tapirs capybaras ,deer, peccires, fish, turtles, birds, aquatic reptiles, dogs and sheep. In the future I think they are going to eat camels, armadillos, foxs, lizards.I think for the diet changes I think they are going to eat apex predators, fish birds, mammals, deer, capybaras, camels, large birds, water, in the future I think the same thing for the diet changes.They height is 9.8 and twenty nine feet and 550 pounds.In the future I think the height will be nine point six and thirty three feet and six hundred sixty pounds. Specalized physical features is the Paraguayan Anaconda. In the future it will be Sharp teeth and Protective Scales.Also that is it bye.