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Their diet is mostly buds and shoots. If really hungry they lick their fur. They grow algae under their fur turning them slightly green. Sloths hang upside down because their claws aren’t made for the ground. They don’t usually migrate because they're so slow and their claws aren’t made for it. You can find most sloths in South America. Sloths are nocturnal which means they only come out at night. Sloths have long curved claws so they can hang on trees. In the future sloths might re-shape their claws so they can go on the ground more. They could develop a pouch like a kangaroo. Sloths might stop growing algae because it could make them warmer or because there aren't that many trees. Sloths also could start migrating if they move to a different habitat. Sloths could adapt to eating more leafs, bugs or maybe smaller animals.