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Poison dart frogs live in central and South America. Poison dart frogs catch insects with their tongues and then eat them. Poison dart frogs usually live on the forest floor. The normal size of a poison dart frog is 4 cm. Poison dart frogs come in many colors like yellow, gold, copper, red, green, blue, and black. Some physical features of poison dart frogs are toxins in the skin, they have excellent vision, and they have very sticky tongues. In the future I predict that poison dart frogs will live in central and North America. I’m guessing that they will eat crickets, ants, and frogs. I think that they will migrate to North America. They will probably be 2-3 cm. I bet they’ll have the exact same physical features. Their colors will be yellow, gold, green, blue, red, copper, and black. They will probably keep living on the forest floor.