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Green Anaconda They live in the Amazon rainforest in South America.They hunt in water and eat things like mammals, fish,caiman,ducks,turtles and birds.There shelter is in sluggish streams.lt does not migrate or have any diet changes. It’s wait Average is 148 kg.It’s average length.Has dark green with oval black spots. Forked tong,extremely muscular,largest snake,breed 2-12 male all coiled around one female. It can grow to 11.4 m.The mother is pregnant for 8-12 weeks baby’s are in breeding balls. Future It would live in a savanna.They would eat eggs and mammals and hunt in tall grass. They would live in the ground since it is cool.It wouldn’t migrate but eat grass and become an omnivore.Lose its spots to blend in with the grass.Lay eggs underground. It is camouflaged with grass.