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My rainforest vertebrate is a ‘Toucan’. A rainforest is a place which is very tropical with heavy dense trees.In the tropical rainforest, there are three layers: Forest floor, Understory and the Canopy.80% of the rainforest animals live in the Canopy.One of the cute rainforest bird that lives in the Canopy is a ‘Toucan’. Toucans are known for their large and colorful ‘Bill’.Although their bill appears to be heavy, they are very light to the touch.Many toucans eat fruits and some toucans eat insects or small lizards. Currently, they have small wings and it cannot fly well, so they use their legs and claws to hop between trees.In the future, it may need to fly with larger wings because if a wild fire comes, a toucan needs to escape so that it can survive.But it can not hop that fast currently, so it needs to fly to a safer place quickly.