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In my opinion Siamangs won’t survive for another 1000+ years since siamangs are an endangered species of gibbons already. They have black hair and averagely are 90cm (2 feet) long. They have throat sacs that measure to the size of their own head. Siamangs are twice the size of other species of gibbon. I believe that they will be affected by climate change by having shorter hair and a shorter lifespan. Their current lifespans are 30-40 years but they’re being killed off by poachers, illegal pet trade, agriculture, illegal loggers and forest fires. The species are found in Malaysia and Sumara. Sumara’s natural forests are being destroyed which is making climate change worse and pushing siamangs and other endangered species in that area towards extinction. Malaysia is predicted to be hit with increasing sea levels, rainfall,, flooding risks and droughts all due to climate change in the region.