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The green anaconda currently lives in the Amazon rainforest located in South America. They eat large and small animals such as tapirs, capybaras, deer, fish, turtle, birds, aquatic reptiles, dogs, and sheep. Their shelter can be in many places like water, mud, and also caves, and burrows. They do not really migrate unless they need to go far for mud water and shelter. Green anacondas have strong jaws, sharp teeth, they do tracking with their tongue, weigh up to 550 pounds and up to 27eet. Fun fact they are the world’s heaviest snake but not the biggest for that they are second. Green anacondas have thick necks, nostrils on top of eyes and on head. It gives live birth to its young unlike most snakes. In the future I think the green anaconda will be called the brown anaconda because it will live in the savanna.