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A sloth’s 🦥 habitat is an Amazon rainforest. It’s diet is young leaves, bugs and soft twigs, a very low-calorie diet. They live in trees/branches and sleep 15 hours a day. It migrates tree to tree. They have a thick brown and slightly-greenish fur coat and are the size of a cat around, 2 feet long. Sloths have a short, flat head, a short snot, a short tail, long legs, tiny ears and sturdy, curved claws. They only walk 41 yards a day. In the future, Slother's habitat will change to a forest. Their diet will change to different kind of leaves, lots of bugs and hot twigs, shelter will change to forest trees or branches, They will have less fur they wouldn't get to hot and shorter claws, it will only walk 31 yards a day because it’s too hot, the color will turn darker.